Prima : A robot that plays piano

The idea of a robot playing an instrument always fascinated me, and I always wanted to build one myself. However, I never had much knowledge about music and musical instruments, so couldn’t really figure out how to start with that.

A few months ago, I got interested about making music, started learning music production stuff. Shortly, I got myself a MIDI keyboard and realized that wasn’t a hard instrument to play and I could actually build a robot that could play it. So, that’s how I ended up making Prima.

I wasn’t sure about the success of this project, so didn’t bother documenting it. But since it turned out to be working great, I’ve decided to share the details by writing a build log. This won’t be a step-to-step build log, rather more of a guideline to get you started. I’ll be explaining how each part of this robot works, share the pictures of them and the code for the Arduino. Hope that’d be enough if you want to replicate this project. Best of luck!

Read the build log on my website.

It was published on Instructables as well.