Last Call (ft. Ishrak Bhuiyan)

It’s a story of a guy who’s calling his ex for the last time to say how she helped him to be better than she found, and how he wants to keep on being a better person.

This track started as a collaboration project with my classmate, Ishrak Bhuiyan.

I had been thinking about combining my writing with music somehow for quite some time, and I came up with this idea that it could be a voice message with a background music that would match the emotion of the script.

So, I composed an ambient track and wrote the script.

Ishrak made some edits to the script and recorded the vocal with his phone to make it more realistic. He and I created the concept of the lyrics video. I shot the video at home, edited it and after a month of waiting, it was released by Ashes to Flame Records.

I consider this as one of the best tracks I have ever created.