Hello, there.

This is Shayon. 初めまして。

I’m a student (hardware) developer currently based in Kyoto.

A picture of the streets of Kyoto

Was born and bred in Bangladesh. Moved to Japan in my early 20s and currently working towards a degree in Mechanical & Electrical Systems Engineering.

I have a pretty diverse set of hobbies, but more or less all of them revolve around the pursuit of creating new things. For instance…

I like baking.

I make music too.

Lastly, I am really, really passionate about writing. Especially when it comes to penning my learning journey with various things down.

However, those are more like my side hobbies.

What defines me the most is my love for tinkering with hardware.

I got bitten by the DIY-bug and addicted to the smell of solder fume at an early age. Have been spending almost every day experimenting with electronics and building stuff ever since.

When I don’t have classes, I can be found slaving away at the Electronics Workshop of our university, working on any of six side projects I have going on at that time – all while sincerely procrastinating on my University project.

Or, staring at the 3D printer hoping I can speed the print up with a firm glance.

I’ve also recently got into building FPV (First Person View) quadcopters and flying them, whenever I get time. To be frank, that’s probably the most exhausting hobby I have.

Because usually it goes like this. I feel like a bird for 5 minutes while flying my kwad, and then I spend weeks waiting for replacement parts to be shipped. But those 5 minutes are what keep me going.

So, that was all about things I like.

As for what I aspire to become…

First off, I want to be an engineer. A damn good one.

And I’m fairly confident that I am on the right track, working my way slowly towards it – one project at a time.

But there’s something else too.

When I was young, I thought all I wanted to be was someone who builds cool stuff and makes a living out of it. But as I grew older, I realized that if I don’t have a set of core values to guide me, it doesn’t matter how good I become at other things.

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. At the end of the day, as long as I act with integrity, take ownership of my mistakes and willing to work on my personal issues – I believe I’m gonna turn out to be an okay person. So that’s what I do.

I can never be perfect – and it’s an unrealistic goal to begin with. It’s much easier to just wake up every day and try to be a little bit better than yesterday as a human being.

That’s my life philosophy. Just keep learning, growing, and trying to be a better person than yesterday.